About Us

Taaza Kitchen is a subsidiary of MITSHI INDIA LTD, a BSE listed company since 26 years with a track record of over 40 years.

Meet the Team

Our team is full of hardworking and passionate people. You will never catch them working without a smile or without cracking a joke every once in a while! :D

The CEO & MD of Taaza Kitchen and MITSHI India LTD, Mr. Kumar Shah, has an experience of more than 40 years in running businesses. With his high ambition and sharp vision, he has been leading the entire team forwards. His phenomenal grit, positive attitude, and customer oriented philosophy allows us to stay motivated and give it our best!

Direct To Consumer Brand

We're Taaza Kitchen, a new-age tech-digital consumer brand. It started as a need to deliver top quality Fruits and Vegetables when we saw the people around us struggling to get the desired quality. Now we're growing and expanding as a 100% Private Label Brand.

We take pride in being

  • Tech Enabled
  • Customer First
  • No compromise on Qualtiy


The company Taaza Kitchen Enterprises Pvt Ltd. was incorporated in April 2018, since then we've grown at almost a 30% growth Month-over-month.

Right now we're only doing deliverie from Bandra to Borivali (across 30+ locations) and we're expecting to complete 15,000 deliveries from this pilot plant in our First Operating Year (FY 18-19).

Opening up more hubs to deliver across 100+ more locations in Mumbai will bring our estimated projections to cross over 1 Lakh deliveries (and Happy Smiles) to our customers! :)

Technology as our foundation

All our systems and routines are governed by technology and automation. Leveraging technology as an anti-dote to the currently unorganized sector has been our goal from the start.

All the way from Order placing, to automated delivery scheduling and optimization, we're using technology to streamline our processes.

This, along with our quality standards, has allowed us to scale faster and efficiently!

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