Alphonso Mango Prices have fallen 2018

Your wait is over. Mango season is here, and the initial extreme prices have reduced. But be careful of harmful carbide mangoes.

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Every mango lover in the city, especially Mumbai, waits patiently for the Mango season to come for an entire year. But when it comes, the prices are a little too high for most of folks like me.

Since we (Taaza Kitchen) sell alphonso mangoes online, this year (2018), we've personally visited Devgad and Ratnagiri farmers. I remember our first lot of mangoes were sold at around ₹2800/dozen back in January. That's a lot to stomach (the price, not the mangoes :P).

Mango Prices in April

It's been almost 4 months now, and the rains are nearing (Mumbai weather is way too unpredictable). Our real Hapus Aam / Alphonso mango (I'm talking about dark saffron, extremely sweet and juicy, medium sized) prices have reduced to Rs. 716 / 12 piece , that's a huge difference.

The local price for mangoes are still not organized and you'll find extremely varying pricing depending on the quality and the origin of the mangoes. Some of the yellowish less sweet mangoes are available for as low as ₹350 to ₹550/dozen. Though a pure crate of Alphonso mangoes still demands a higher price.

The quick drop in mango prices in the past month can be said to be because of the unexpected rains and drizzling this early in summer. Though this does mean that the quality of mangoes all over may take a hit. Albeit, not a significant one.

Why are some mangoes so cheap?

mangoes sprayed with carbide chemical to quick ripening

Raw Mangoes at local sellers sprayed with carbide chemical to quicken their ripening. Harmful for health and skin.

A very important factor to keep in mind is that a lot of the mangoes which are sold for cheap prices are processed using harmful chemicals. They're made to ripen quickly using calcium carbide which is injurious to health and skin. The use of carbide is extremely rampant even though the government has banned its usage. That is why we at Taaza Kitchen provide carbide free mangoes.

Taaza Kitchen Mangoes

We take pride in our quality mangoes, and our customers love it too.

I had ordered a doz of Alphonso mangoes for my daughter’s birthday and my daughter was so pleased to have those fantastic fresh Alphonso mangoes I really want to thank these people for keeping their word and the said quality of the fruit thanks 🙏 a lot
- Mr. Kishore

They are carbide free and procured pure from the soils of Devgad/Ratnagiri and nearby villages.

If you're from Mumbai and interested in trying them out, head on over to our mango page and place an order now! (Get a Flat 10% Discount auto applied)

Stay tuned for more updates.

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PS: Let me know if you want to learn more about mangoes, and I will try my best to get that information for you.

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