Kiwi Buying Guide: How to Buy Kiwi Fruit In India

A mini guide to finding, and identifying fresh quality Kiwi Fruit.

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Kiwi is also known as Chinese gooseberry is a green fruit size of a tennis ball, which is native to China, but is easily available in India.

It is known as a SUPERFRUIT as it is one of the most nutritionally packed fruits.

Health benefits of Kiwi

  • Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C it contains more Vitamin C than Lemon and Oranges.
  • Kiwi can also help you sleep, it is a great natural sleep inducer
  • Kiwi is really good for your Skin, cut it and apply on your skin
    for amazing results

How to identify good fresh kiwi?

While buying Kiwi make sure it is ripe and pulpy, but not overripe. Look for bruises or spots, if it has a dark spot it probably means it is overripe and is not good to eat.

Lightly press the kiwi between your thumb and fingers - if it is hard as a stone it means it is unripe and may take anywhere between 3-10 days to ripen. They will also be a little green compared to the ripe ones.

sliced kiwi fresh

You can also buy Kiwi that is unripe and keep it in a bag / newspaper with ripe yellow Bananas for a couple of days to quicken the ripening process.

When the kiwi is soft to press from the outside, you can try smelling it to get the perfect aroma. That is when you know the kiwi has ripened. Sometimes even mildly soft kiwis are unripe from the centre. So there definitely is some luck and experience in identifying the perfectly ripe kiwis!

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