Our android app is growing big!

We've finally crossed the 1000+ milestone on the Google Play Store with a perfect 5/5 rating from our users. We've all been excited for this and can't wait for the 5000+ badge!

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This is exciting. We've been waiting for this since January, and our Taaza Kitchen Android application has finally crossed the 1,000 customer milestone. Although that is still a small fraction of our mobile web users, we're aiming high and bringing a lot of new updates over the coming weeks.

From our analytics, most of our users are still buying from the mobile optimized website, which btw also runs super fast, from both Android and iOS devices. This is a really good thing as we can release features much faster on the web app.

This is no surprise as the barrier to downloading an application is much more than the frictionless "just click on a link and start shopping".

What has helped us reach so many downloads is the fact that our Android application is a mere 1.4 MB in size so it's easy to install, it runs really fast, it has no useless bells and whistles, it just does what it does best without any bloat.

We also don't spam our users with any useless notifications, and that seems to be working really well for us.

Our next goal is to launch an iOS Application, which is already under development. iOS application may allow us to tap into the Apple user segment as over 20% of our current customers are already buying from iPhones using our mobile optimized site.

On an ending note, we can't wait to introduce some really awesome features coming up in our Android app (stay tuned folks) and hit that "5k+" badge on google play store! :D

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